Macresco Featured in Manufacturing Today

Scott Gauvin recently sat down with Manufacturing Today magazine to talk about our consulting practice’s distinctive approach, unconventional philosophy on driving results and how the performance equation is changing. Read the profile here.

The Point of Continuous Improvement

Happy Friday! This is an oldie but goodie. A funny reminder that at the end of the day, CI efforts should focus on improving the means by which the business interprets and meets the needs of its customers. The impact of this effort is strongly enhanced by first taking the time to figure out what your customers want and expect. When was the last time you conducted a Voice […]

Welcome to MTHINK

So much influences our approach to helping clients improve performance. The world of business is always evolving.  New technologies and customer needs drive new solutions everyday and we find inspiration in all of it: Both mundane and dramatic discoveries.


From the revitalization of American manufacturing to the Lean Start Up trend and more, this blog is a running collection of business innovations we are motivated by, personal experiences we draw […]

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