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Rethinking Reshoring

Kudos to the Reshoring Initiative @ReshoreNow  and @harrymoser for recognition of their efforts to bolster American manufacturing. Though there are at times strategic benefits to outsourcing/off-shoring, I’ve seen this approach to cost savings too often put to premature use. Labor costs, as a growing number of manufacturers worldwide now understand, is just part of the equation. 


The value of cost savings gained through lower labor rates must also be measured against […]

What’s Your Blindspot?

Self awareness is the first step to becoming a better leader. It’s also the first step in mitigating your shortcomings and building better personal and professional relationships. This article synthesizes what the author calls “brain type” by behavior and provides a cheat sheet of each type’s strengths, weaknesses and blindspots. Though none of us follow a singular behavioral pattern, this is an entertaining general refresher on how it is […]

Comfort Zone = Perspective Killer

Interesting idea for an app to build empathy – an important component of perspective. Don’t know how successful the app in particular would be, but I get the point and the purpose. We all benefit from challenging ourselves, our ideas and ways of thinking to learn and relate. Self awareness creates better communication which leads to better relationships and stronger organizations.


Organizations like the individuals that run them, can also […]

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Kevin Durant: Leadership with Heart

If you haven’t already, check out NBA MVP Kevin Durant’s acceptance speech. It’s a little long, but worth what I thought was an inspiring refresher in leadership. Instead of using the platform to self congratulate, Durant took the opportunity to recognize his team – each individual’s impact on him, honor his journey and others who helped him along the way. Even the naysayers were thanked. The combination of gratitude, […]

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The Why and How Business is Personal

A thoughtful articulation of one of the tenets of Macresco’s philosophy as well as the relationship between communication, culture and performance. 

Business Good = Good Business

To end the week on a positive note, I am pleased to see Barry-Wehmiller @barrywehmiller recognized as one of Inc’s 25 most audacious companies. #Audacious The basis of its audacity? It dares to treat employees like human beings, eschews the idea of “managing” people and defines leadership as a responsibility to “steward” those in your care. This organization’s financial success proves the value of their altruistic approach to business governance […]

3 Lessons From Starbucks Standard Work

Like many tortured souls in my line of work, I frequently enter places of business and during whatever wait there is, reimagine different elements of the operation from the layout and processes, to the product array, delivery mechanism and related possible revenue streams that would improve the customer experience, culture and / or profit.


This activity comes as second nature to me and so I can run through scenarios quickly. […]

Your Customers Are Already Doing R&D

Lego is an excellent example of the huge value that can come from customer insight. Embracing their customers’ sometimes unconventional use of the blocks is in part what led to the company refining its business model and experiencing a significant resurgence. Reminds me of my favorite unconventional uses of Lego blocks – creating plant layouts. The guys at Sur Seal have had great success testing out theories while playing strategizing […]