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    What keeps organizations from cultivating a Continuous Improvement culture

What keeps organizations from cultivating a Continuous Improvement culture

Mark Graban gets to the heart of what keeps organizations from cultivating a CI culture – lack of organizational alignment and commitment:

“The problem is many (if not most) of these Lean initiatives are completely project-based or rely on top-down decisions, missing the opportunity for truly continuous improvement that engages each employee and leader – “Kaizen”.”

Mark’s tips on how to make it happen.

Giving = GROWTH

Interesting take on the ways giving drives learning, professional growth and even success for employers.

Getting Past Lean’s Bad Rap

For better or worse, organizations that experience performance pain tend to feel the burn most acutely in Operations. Macresco is often brought in to assess the damage and charged with conceiving of the “Lean” remedy executive management (misguidedly) believes will put an end to their troubles. It is at this point where my uphill battle begins. I’m either battling leadership on the purpose and application of Lean or management […]

Why Continuous Improvement Doesn’t Stick

Lean and Six Sigma methodologies both hinge on getting to the root cause of an issue as a means of addressing performance. Generally speaking this approach reveals significant opportunities to improve productivity by way of more streamlined processes.


Sooner or later, however, the same issues Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives were implemented to fix, crop up again. I believe it is because the true root cause driving this operational pain isn’t […]

Dispelling Performance Myths

I believe that everyone comes to work every day to do his or her best. Sometimes life and work can get in the way, but I believe that in general, when people are given a chance to “do good” they step up to the challenge.


I didn’t always think this way. In all of my years of observing the way organizations went about improving performance, management consistently placed the blame on […]