I had the good fortune of attending and presenting at AME’s annual conference in Jacksonville last week. As is custom, the event provided a myriad of learning opportunities that I am pleased to say included more emphasis on how organizational culture impacts Continuous Improvement. I think more education, case studies and opportunities to explore the complex people side of the Continuous Improvement equation will have a huge impact on future CI success. CI that is focused solely on process is, as we all know, very difficult to achieve and even more difficult to sustain.


Both of the workshops that I presented (one as a co-presenter with CultureSync’s Deirdre Gruendler) explored the implications of employee engagement on performance.



Purpose Drives Performance

How and why establishing and providing clarity around the organization’s authentic purpose, vision, values, business model and strategic goals motivates employees to more independently drive value and positively impacts behaviors and attitudes. When these factors guide organizational governance, they can also powerfully differentiate your company in the marketplace and drive demand.




Nurture Better Performance and Happier People

Focuses on the language, relationship structures and people-centered actions/behavioral patterns that separate high-performing, engaged teams from teams that keep missing the mark.



Both presentations are available for download below. These PowerPoints were guides for their respective workshops. So if you have any questions about their flow or some of the concepts, I’d be happy to discuss. Also, I welcome any feedback that you may have.