Interesting idea for an app to build empathy – an important component of perspective. Don’t know how successful the app in particular would be, but I get the point and the purpose. We all benefit from challenging ourselves, our ideas and ways of thinking to learn and relate. Self awareness creates better communication which leads to better relationships and stronger organizations.


Organizations like the individuals that run them, can also fall prey to their own hype, biases and succumb to group think. The implications of this narrow worldview translates to an insular idea of strengths and weaknesses. Often over estimating the strengths and underestimating the weakness. For instance, I’ve lost track of how many companies consider themselves “innovative”.


Though there as yet doesn’t exist the technology to provide companies with reality checks attuned to overconfidence, we do still have our profit statements, margins, growth rates and business models to hit us with perspective. If we’re willing to face what the numbers tell us.