Lean and Six Sigma methodologies both hinge on getting to the root cause of an issue as a means of addressing performance. Generally speaking this approach reveals significant opportunities to improve productivity by way of more streamlined processes.


Sooner or later, however, the same issues Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives were implemented to fix, crop up again. I believe it is because the true root cause driving this operational pain isn’t obvious if you’re not looking.  It doesn’t surface in a value stream map or come up in a 5 Why exercise.


That is because behavior isn’t typically assessed as a part of these exercises. But behavior, not just process is to blame for loss of productivity. I believe the root of ALL waste is conflict.


Macresco has partnered with acclaimed manufacturer Barry Wehmiller (BW) to offer a workshop focused on the communication dynamic and how it drives our ability to identify and interpret behavior, better communicate, decipher need and manage the unresolved conflict that hinders our efforts to improve.


Check out the course description HERE – it features some of the common examples of workplace conflict that lead to operational waste.  How many are you experiencing or unwittingly contributing to?