Manufacturing Strategy

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

As a Continuous Improvement expert, I’m a control freak big fan of data. I wholeheartedly believe that you can’t create lasting improvements without 1 – benchmarking and 2 -understanding the context in which the data was derived. But despite the fact that you can quantify nearly every aspect of a process in its current state, when making projections about the future state, stakeholders must understand that even highly detailed […]

Rethinking Reshoring

Kudos to the Reshoring Initiative @ReshoreNow  and @harrymoser for recognition of their efforts to bolster American manufacturing. Though there are at times strategic benefits to outsourcing/off-shoring, I’ve seen this approach to cost savings too often put to premature use. Labor costs, as a growing number of manufacturers worldwide now understand, is just part of the equation. 


The value of cost savings gained through lower labor rates must also be measured against […]