Leadership Development

Funding for Employee Training

If budget prevented you from attending our last Fundamentals of Change workshop good news: For qualified organizations, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) will grant up to half the cost of this training through their Express program.The EOLWD believes in FCC’s impact on the leadership and team building skills necessary to drive change and performance. Approved companies could get funding to kick off training in […]

What’s Your Blindspot?

Self awareness is the first step to becoming a better leader. It’s also the first step in mitigating your shortcomings and building better personal and professional relationships. This article synthesizes what the author calls “brain type” by behavior and provides a cheat sheet of each type’s strengths, weaknesses and blindspots. Though none of us follow a singular behavioral pattern, this is an entertaining general refresher on how it is […]

CEO’s Brand New Bag

Ironic how the act of being transparent is considered “radical” in business yet is a sign of integrity for the individual. At least the paradigm is changing, and the skill set of more CEO’s today is less Great and Powerful Oz and more Thoughtful Connector, Synthesizer and Communicator.