Whether the goal is growth, charting future opportunity or triage, we guide clients to enterprise excellence through intervention across three core service pillars:





Determining the most profitable path to growth is a challenge many organizations struggle with. And its no wonder – ever changing customer preferences, market volatility, cost constraints and internal politics add up to create a high-pressure environment tough to navigate pragmatically.

This scenario also makes it difficult for leaders to accurately gauge progress or identify opportunity. Too often, it yields shortsighted solutions that undermine the organization’s value and worse, its promise.


Macresco helps clients break the cycle of survival style management. Beyond addressing surface problems, we guide clients to the root of their performance issues and origins of opportunity. From identifying inconsistencies between a company’s vision, performance goals and resource management approach to redefining key performance indicators, our efforts are focused on driving market traction.

Areas of strategy expertise include:

•Business model Innovation
•Mission / Vision
•Strategic planning
•Opportunity assessment




Even the smallest performance initiatives involve a degree of change. And the ease, success and sustainability of that change has everything to do with how it’s perceived and the culture in which it’s introduced. In short, employee engagement is what stands between you and your performance objectives and is increasingly, the difference between you and your competition.


Strong employee engagement is what enables companies to most nimbly and cost effectively shift gears when faced with uncertainty, market pressures, fluctuations in demand or when capacity is strained.


Whether the goal is to build capabilities or implement structural change as a result of a new strategy, we begin by addressing the relationship between organizational structures and activities and their impact on employee behaviors and attitudes. The findings of this assessment forms the foundation for a variety of development aims including:

Areas of expertise:

•Change Management
•Organization design
•Leadership development
•Communication Skills

It’s often said that the value of an organization’s strategy hinges on its effective execution. But in today’s hyper competitive, fast paced global marketplace, thoughtful execution is just the price of entry. To grow, organizations must be agile enough to respond to market fluctuations, lean enough to move as fast as customers do.


We work with clients to innovate the means by which they develop, produce and deliver their products and services. Our solutions span the operations spectrum from enhancing quality and speeding time to market to reducing total cost of ownership and streamlining cost via continuous improvement measures.


Service areas include:

•Process Optimization
•Service Operations
•Manufacturing strategy
•Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
•Offshoring / Re-shoring
•Lean / Six Sigma