Recently I spoke at the AME conference in Boston and presented Conflict is the Root of All Waste – Continuous Improvement doesn’t stick. The conference brings together people interested in Lean and continuous improvement from over 50 countries and is considered the largest lean conference in the world. In addition to exploring conflict, how we deal with it and how it inhibits our change efforts, we also took a deeper look at how we personally contribute to CI not sustaining. If you participated in the session the presentation is available through the link 20171009 Conflict is Root of All Waste Presentation. You must use your password provided to open the document.


For those who are interested in exploring this subject in more detail, you can participate in a full day workshop on Tuesday January 23, 2018 in San Luis Obispo, CA from 8:30am to 4:30pm. For more information and registration you can go to the Central Coast Lean website.


For more information about bringing Conflict is the Root of All Waste to your organization, see Info about Conflict is the root of all waste.